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About Lourdes Carlos

My passion for drawing and painting began at a young age. I've had a passion for art as long as I can remember. 

I am a California based ARTist and mostly self taught. I did attend CSULB and was enrolled in the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) program for Drawing and Painting and reached my upper division courses. I am currently an undergraduate. Although life got in the way of my studies and I did not finish my degree, my love of art has never left me. Which is why, I am now on a journey to help others with my art. 

I have a beautiful young daughter and since I've had her, I have changed my focus and what is important in my life; being a good example to her is my main priority. Following your dreams is one of those lessons I want to teach her. I want to teach her to follow her dreams, and for that I have to set the example of following my very own. I also have an amazing husband who supports me through and through.

​Which brings me to why I am here now. I want to focus and dedicate more time to this passion of mine. It's what makes me happy. It's what feels good inside and at the end of the day, that's what matters. Not only do I want to create art, I want to help others and use art as an outlet to everyday life, creating a safe space for letting go with Art.

For me, art has always been about feelings and emotions. As an artist, it was always very hard for me to sell or part with my paintings because I have always been emotionally attached to my paintings. My inspiration comes from feelings, color, contrast and texture. My favorite art of all is abstract expressionist art. I love the diversity of all the colors and how much emotion an artist can show in a piece. This is the art that I can pour my feelings into without saying a word... I let the emotions tell their own story on the canvas. I want others to feel that when they use art and my guidance to feel all the emotions in their piece, their own art, especially those who are not creative and just need an outlet to release their feelings. I want to help others release their emotions through art. 

​My life is a canvas, my emotions are the paint... with it all, I create a beautiful work of art. No matter how messy the art may seem... take a step back, look at it, appreciate it... you will see how breathtaking it really is. That is life, a Masterpiece.

​-Lourdes C.

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